About us

Strauss Lazer & Co. is one of Israel’s largest accountancy firms. The firm has a reputation deeply rooted in Israel’s business culture for commitment, professionalism and service. The firm’s structure and the experience of its partners and managers enable it to provide professional service to small, medium businesses and large organization, from their establishment through management and completion deals.

For nearly 20 years, Strauss Lazer & Co. has been a member of the NEXIA INTERNATIONAL network and applies the organization’s global policies. NEXIA is among the world’s largest network of independent accountancy and business consulting firms with annual revenue of $2.5 billion and offices in over than 100 countires around the world. The network sets up international committees, publishes surveys, guides and reports on dozens of countries, offers control surveys on its companies and provides professional business support. This assists Strauss Lazer & Co. in improving its activities, know-how and professional updating.
Struass Lazer & Co. is also a member of the US organization PCAOB, which enables the firm to implement auditing and sign the accounting auditing and financial reports of public companies traded on US stock exchanges.

The firm was founded in 1983, following the merger of Israel Strauss, Michael Lazer, and another Partner, who later was appointed income Tax Commissioner and resigned from the firm. In 1993, after expanding activities, the firm merged with Haft and Haft. This partnership ended in 2000, and since then the firm has flourished and developed activities and initiatives in Israel and abroad.

Company Vision
Strauss Lazer & Co. continues to lead the accountancy sector in Israel though its work model, which places the client at the center with activities of uncompromising professionalism and personal and available service from its dozens employees and managers.
The firm recognizes the importance of financial reports as a crucial management tool in financial operations. With this understanding, an experienced partner supports the client, and achieving the client’s aims are the central goal.